Scattered Seeds



Q.  How much are booths?

A. Booth prices include, electrical outlet, draping & link to our website.

  • NEW 5′ x 10′  (5′ wide x 10′ deep) – $300.00 + GST
  • 10′ x 5′ (10’wide x 5’deep) – $375.00 + GST
  • 10′ x 10′ – $550.00 + GST
  • 10′ x 10′ corner –  (we offer these to our returning artists first so there is a very limited #)
  • We also have 10′ x 15′ and 10′ x 20′ booth space available.

Q. What are the dates for future shows?

A.  Future show dates

Q.  What is your attendance?

A.  We are honoured to have an average attendance of 12,000 for the 3-day event.

Q.  I would like to apply.  What do I need to do?

A.  Scattered Seeds is a juried, made-by-hand show.  We begin jurying in January for the following year.  Please remember your product must be hand made by, the exhibitor.  (As much as we love small businesses like  Norwex, Scenty & Watkins unfortunately they do not qualify.)

… for more on this follow this link: how-to-apply


More Frequently Asked Questions:

SET-UP (Ingress)

Q. What time is set-up?

A. Ingress is on the Wednesday & Thursday (just prior to the show)
Times: Wednesday – 4pm – 8pm; Thursday – 10am — 4pm.


Q.  Are there dividers between my booth and my neighbor’s booth?

A.  Yes.  There is a 3 foot high drape between booths and an 8 foot high drape in the back of each booth.  All the draping is black.



Q. Do you provide tables and chairs?

A. Scattered Seeds provides the draping for your booth through Central Display (our draping provider). You will need to provide your own tables and chairs or you can rent them from Central Display.

Central Display rents lots of other items which you may find useful. They will send rental information to you prior to the show and will also be available during set-up. It is strongly advised that you contact them in advance with your request for additional rentals. For more information visit their website at Central Display.



Q. Do I need to bring lighting for my booth?

A. Yes.  We dim the lights in the building and add ambient lighting for a festive mood.  All you need to do is light your own space which is pretty easy to do.  Your ambient lighting will add atmosphere to your booth and also show your items to their best advantage.  Unleash your creativity and see what a difference lighting can make.

Q.  Can you offer some suggestions for lighting my booth?

A.  If  lighting your booth is something new to you we suggest you keep it simple at the beginning. We found an article that we hope will be useful: Show Lights



Q. What do people do with point of sale machines for credit cards? Do you have a phone line connection. Can I do point of sale from my booth?” 

A. NEW – The internet connection was upgraded in 2016.  Free wifi is included in your booth fee.


Q. Is there and ATM on site?

A. Yes, there is an ATM on site.



Q. Will I have to pay for parking at the show?

A. No parking is free!



Q. Is there storage available near my booth? 

A. There is 3 feet of storage behind all 10 x 10 booths.  There is also limited storage at the far end of the hall.  There is no additional storage behind 10 x 5 booths.



Q. Will there be helpers (e.g. to watch my booth when I am in the bathroom) or do I have to arrange my own helpers?

A. You neighbors are usually great at helping in these situations.  Scattered Seeds exhibitors are fantastic and many long term friendships have begun here.  You are welcome to bring your own helpers to the show and they will get free admission into the show on the days that they are working in your booth.